Benefits of Air Purifier for a Baby


Most of the parents believe that they are doing what is best for their young ones. However, this might not be all true to some extent. This is because many babies are exposed to dangerous pollutants and toxins right in their own homes. Fresh and quality air is not only critical to everyone

but even more to an infant. Babies are prone to airborne and chemical pollutants from their bodies cannot adjust to life outside of the womb. Air purifiers offer a great solution to all these risks. They offer some benefits you can take advantage of.They include;

Removal of pollutants

An air purifier is capable of filtering contaminants found in the air. It does so by producing fresh air as a by-product thus inhibiting respiratory illness that can hinder your child’s body growth and development in general. It is therefore advisable that you read the fine print to avoid those air purifiers that produce ozone levels. Ozone levels are toxic and poisonous gases which affect your newborn baby.

Eliminates bad odor

These essential devices also help in removing odors from the air. For example, in your home there are pets, and you won’t be surprised to realize from time to time your house is getting a pet smell. All this bad odor coming from this pets can not only be reduced but even eliminated if you use

air purifiers frequently. The filter will remove those smells entirely thus giving your newborn baby a fresh scent to enjoy all day long. House dust mites, which are another tiny bugs feeding on dead
human skin lives almost anywhere inside the house. With Air purifiers, they are capable maintaining hygiene of a house infested by such mites.


Prevents irritation

There are some unstable organic combinations which are found as key components to most of the home products such as glues, paint, cleaning supplies, varnish, and many more. These compounds to be precise benzene, formaldehyde and ethylene are very sensitive to the nose, eyes, and throat. They cause irritations which can even lead to severe and long-term damage to the newborn baby’s nervous system. Air purifiers are known to clear off such compounds from the air.


Prevention of allergy

Air purifiers are the best choice for those babies who are suffering suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma or air-borne allergies. Asthmatics babies are prone to attacks from dust in a
room. With the air purifier, it can remove a high amount of dust particles inside the house thus reducing high risks of an asthma attack. There are also those infants who are allergic sensitivities, such as a pollen allergy. Therefore an air purifier will be able to provide them with clean air to breathe thus reducing attacks from allergies when least expected.


In conclusion, it is advisable to pick a cleaner that is light in pounds. It should, however, be heavy

duty enough regarding to its cleaning ability to function well. This implies that you can take it with ease when on vacation or visiting grandparents.

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