Chapter 10 – Easter Bunnies steal the cakes


Lucy was feeling very cross. She had called round to Jasmine’s house to discuss the Easter menu for the cafe. But as was usual these days, Jasmine was out with Laura, the new girl who had just moved into the street.

‘They went out together first thing this morning,’ explained Jazzy’s mum. ‘Did Jasmine know you were coming?’

‘Yes,’ said Lucy grumpily, kicking her shoes against the step. ‘We were supposed to be discussing the Easter menu for the cafe.’

‘Oh dear, she must have forgotten. Why don’t you come in anyway. I’ve got a recipe I want to try. Maybe you could help me.’

Jasmine’s mum had found a recipe for Chocolate Easter buns, which were decorated with chocolate mini eggs. She showed Lucy how to make the cake mixture, by using a wooden spoon to beat the butter and sugar together into a smooth fluffy mixture, before adding the eggs and flour.

‘This was how my mum used to make cakes. Its called ‘creaming‘ the butter and sugar together’ Jazzy’s mum explained. ‘But you need strong arms!’

‘I don’t mind,’ said Lucy breathlessly, furiously mixing as fast as she could. ‘Actually, its making me feel better!’

Together they spooned the cake mixture into bun cases, and whilst they were cooking in the oven, Lucy made the fudge topping by creaming more butter and sugar together and then adding melted chocolate. It smelt and tasted amazing!

When the buns were ready, Lucy smeared a thick layer of fudge topping on each one before decorating them with mini eggs. Lucy was finishing the final cake when Jasmine walked into the kitchen.

‘Oh hi Lucy. I didn’t know you were here.’

‘We were supposed to be sorting out the Easter menu,’ snapped Lucy, suddenly in a bad mood again. ‘But it doesn’t matter, because I’ve done it myself. We are serving Chocolate Easter buns – they are easy to make and taste really good.’

‘Oh, ok then,’ said Jasmine. She couldn’t work out why Lucy was so cross with her.

‘Well I’m going now.’ Lucy grabbed her coat. ‘See you on Saturday.’ And then she stomped out, leaving Jasmine in the kitchen.

‘What’s up with her?’ Jasmine asked her mum.

‘I think she’s upset that you are spending so much time with Laura and that you are ignoring her,’ Jazzy’s mum said quietly.

‘Well,’ said Jasmine. ‘I think she’s been really childish!’

On Saturday, Jasmine and Lucy were still cross with each other. So cross in fact, that they wouldn’t speak to each other!

The cafe wasn’t busy that day, but the Chocolate Easter buns were really popular. So popular that they had to keep making more as the day went on. Jazzy’s mum asked Freya to run to the shop and buy some more mini eggs.

‘I can’t understand where they are all going,’ she said, looking at the empty seats in the cafe. ‘We haven’t had many customers at all. But we have sold loads of cakes!’

‘Andrew from school bought ten to take home,’ said Jasmine, setting down her tray. ‘He said his mum loved them and couldn’t stop eating them.’

‘That’s strange,’ said Lucy, who was in the middle of creaming some more cake mixture and had forgotten she was cross. ‘Ben bought twenty cakes from me, and told me the same thing. These cakes are nice, but I don’t believe anybody could eat twenty!’

At that moment, Freya ran into the kitchen. Her face was red and she was out of breath.

‘I…ran…all the…way,’ she panted.

‘What is it!’ yelled Jasmine and Lucy together. This was obviously serious.

‘Ben.. Ben…and Andrew,’ Freya took another deep breath. ‘They are in the village selling your cakes!’ she exploded.

‘What!’ Jasmine and Lucy couldn’t believe their ears.

‘So that’s why they bought so many cakes!’ exclaimed Lucy.

‘And that’s why we’ve not had any customers,’ declared Jasmine. ‘Right! Mum – you stay here and watch the cafe. Freya – show us where they are. Me and Lucy are going to sort them out!’

The three girls marched into the village looking for Ben and Andrew. Jasmine and Lucy were not cross with each other any more. They were cross with Ben and Andrew instead!

The boys were not hard to find. They were each wearing fluffy bunny ears and walking around the park, carrying Chocolate Easter buns in yellow baskets. It looked as if they had sold most of them, because they didn’t have many left.

They were so busy selling cakes, they did not see the three girls sneak up behind them.

‘Buy your Easter Buns from the real Easter bunnies!’ shouted Ben. ‘Only a pound each!’

‘Ben and Andrew,’ yelled Jasmine. The boys were so surprised to see them that Andrew’s fluffy ears fell off. ‘How dare you sell our cakes behind our backs!’

‘And for a pound each!’ exclaimed Lucy. ‘We sell them for 50p!’

‘That’s our profit margin,’ retorted Ben, over his shoulder, as he started to run away from the girls to avoid any trouble.

‘Yeah,’ said Andrew, also running away. ‘We’ve had to buy our costumes. Bunny ears aren’t cheap you know.’

‘Give us those cakes back now,’ shouted Freya, launching herself into a rugby tackle around Ben’s legs.

‘No way,’ yelled Ben, desperately trying to break free. ‘These cakes are ours – we paid for them! Anyway, we’re just filling a gap in the market. Its called enterprise, you know.’

‘Its called stealing our customers!’ replied Lucy. ‘The cafe’s been really quiet all afternoon and now we know why!’

‘What’s going on here?’ A loud voice boomed behind them. It was a policeman, who had seen the pushing and shoving. ‘Oh no,’ groaned Ben and Andrew together.

‘I thought I told you two lads to clear off,’ said the policeman, towering over the two boys, who seemed to be trying to hide their baskets behind their backs.

They both mumbled something about just having a few more cakes to sell. Their ears had turned bright red, and Jasmine, Lucy and Freya started to feel a bit sorry for them.

‘Right,’ said the policeman in his huge booming voice. ‘I’ve already warned you two today about selling cakes in the park. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take the rest of these cakes as evidence, for closer inspection by my colleagues at the station. And I am going to confiscate these furry bunny ears, to put an end once and for all to these illicit Easter bunny activities. Now I suggest you boys and girls go home, before you get into any more trouble.’

Jasmine, Lucy, Freya, Andrew and Ben left the park together.

‘I hope you two are sorry,’ hissed Jasmine, hoping with all her heart that no one had seen them getting told off by a policeman.

Ben and Andrew looked at each other and grinned.

‘Why should we be sorry?’ shrugged Andrew. ‘We’ve made LOADS OF MONEY!!!!’

With that, the boys started to run away, as fast as they could.

‘Thanks for the cakes!’ yelled Andrew.

‘We’ll let you know when we need any more!!’ laughed Ben.

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