Chapter 9 – Surprise party


A new family had moved in down the street from Jasmine.  There was a daughter, who seemed about Jasmine and Lucy’s age.  Jasmine had been dying to say hello, but she never seemed to get the chance.

Jasmine and Lucy were walking to school, talking about the new girl.

‘She looks really nice.  She’s got blond hair like you, but cut short in a really fashionable style,’ Jasmine said, talking super quickly as usual,  ’And you should see the bag she’s got.  Its so cool.  Its just like the one I’ve been looking for.’

‘Maybe we should just knock on her door,’ suggested Lucy, pulling her coat tightly around her, as they walked against the wind.

‘And say what?’ scoffed Jasmine.

‘Say ‘Hi! We live down the street. We just thought we’d say hello!’

‘Only a dork brain would say something like that,’ grouched Jasmine.

Suddenly, they heard a voice from behind them.    It was the new girl!

‘Hi!’ she said, breathlessly. ‘I’ve been running to catch up with you. My name’s Laura.   I’ve just moved in down your street.  I thought I’d say hello.’

‘Oh hi!’  said Jasmine.  ’I’m Jasmine and this is Lucy, my cousin.   This is such a coincidence.  Cos we were going to call on you to say hello, weren’t we, Lucy?’

‘Well I was!’ muttered Lucy.  Jasmine ignored her and continued talking to Laura.

‘We’re having a party next Saturday at my house.  Maybe you’d like to come!’

‘Oh that would be amazing!’ Laura seemed delighted to be asked.  ’Of course I’ll come! I’ve got to go for my bus now, but I’ll speak to you later.’

Jasmine and Lucy watched her run off towards the bus stop.

‘I didn’t know you were having a party,’ said Lucy.

‘Neither did I,’ muttered Jasmine, distractedly.  ’I don’t know why I said that.  I just got carried away.  But I’m sure mum won’t mind though, if I ask her nicely.’

Unfortunately for Jasmine, her mum was not happy with the idea at all.  Even after Jasmine had asked her five times!

‘There is no way you are having a party and that’s final! You can have friends round to tea, but you are not going to have a party.    Do NOT ask me again!’

Jasmine stamped up the stairs to her room.  She considered slamming the door, but wisely decided against it.  She was in such a pickle.  Why on earth did she tell Laura she was having a party?

She put the radio on and lay on the bed, hoping that the chatter on the radio would stop her worrying.  She became aware of voices downstairs but couldn’t be bothered to see who it was.   Minutes later her mum called her down.  Her stomach tied up in knots when she saw Laura and her mum were sat in the front room.

‘Hi,’ whispered Laura, waving her hand shyly.

‘Hi,’ replied Jasmine, wishing she was somewhere else.

Jasmine’s mum spoke, ‘Jasmine, Laura’s mum just wanted to know what sort of party we were having, and who was going.’

Jasmine said nothing, but closed her eyes, fearing the worst.

‘I told her,’ continued Jasmine’s mum, ‘that you were having a CINEMA party, where you and a couple of your friends watched a film and had snacks and stuff.’

Jasmine opened her eyes in amazement.   For a very brief moment, she was lost for words.  But then her brain sprang into action!

‘Yeah, that’s right.   We’ll be having crisps and dips, that sort of thing.  We were thinking of watching ‘Mamma Mia – have you seen it?’

Laura’s blue eyes lit up, and at once she was as excited as Jasmine.  ’I have seen it, but I don’t mind seeing it again! It sounds great.’

That Saturday, Jasmine and Lucy covered the front room with as many cushions as they could find for them to sit on. Freya came round with a bag of popping corn to make homemade popcorn, while Lucy organised some tortilla crisps and dips.     They decorated the front room with fairy lights and by the time Laura arrived, the whole room looked really cosy and the popcorn smelled DELICIOUS!

‘What do you like best on your popcorn,’ Freya asked Laura, ‘We’ve got butter, honey or maple syrup.’

‘Actually,’ replied Laura, ‘I always have salt with my popcorn with when I go to the cinema.’

‘Oh me too!’ squealed Jasmine, jumping up. ‘Come on Laura, lets go into the kitchen and get some.’

When the time came to watch the film, Jasmine and Laura squashed up next to each other on the sofa.  It seemed they were inseparable.     For a moment, Lucy felt left out, but Freya tickled her feet and made her laugh and she forgot about being sad.

They had all seen the film before and sang along loudly to all the songs.   There was a knock on the living room door, and Jasmine expected it to be her mum, telling them to keep the noise down.  Instead, she came in with four bowls of vanilla ice cream with her special homemade hot chocolate fudge sauce.

‘This is gorgeous!’ declared Laura.

‘Mmmmm’ was all the others could reply, with their mouths full of ice cream and chocolate fudge.

When everyone had gone home, Jasmine began tidying up the cushions, and taking the plates into the kitchen.  There was popcorn everywhere.

‘We’ll leave the vacuuming until the morning,’ said Mum. ‘So did you enjoy your party?’

‘It was amazing,’ smiled Jasmine, giving her mum a hug. ‘Thanks mum – you’re the best!’

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